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     Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Written early 2006. As yet unproduced. Photo is from my performance "Action Is Ineffable" at The Lab on October 5, 2001.


I freely broke wind in the dairy. Another summer day crowbarred its way in through the rotting rafters of the barn. The broken sunlight blew my mind. DMT is nothing like BGH. I was bored and there was no closure.
- Gerry O'Nanymous

Some number of characters on or off stage. Lights on or off. Stage bare or not.

Some armed invasion. These pierced spells. Blood sinking in my breath. Drowning 1942.

The canoe filthy never stopped. Consumer weakness body. Abundant free freeway.

A liquid meditation. From economic bones and hail mary blood. Filthy pee free.

Death a spell. Hints flung by collapse dummy. Get the job off the freeway.

I’m here devoid. Empty comes under the bunkhouse. Pity raccoons.

Rain it’s Mary the Red Army. Our holes our Mary. Weakness of ripe blinks.

Drugged duty at bunkers. I remember the form. After lunch oops.

And blinks drop me. Stain shrunken dead didn’t. A thing with that.

Geronimo poured forth until there was not a single drop of peaceful goddamn.

Get out your hidden old USA. Let the army love facts. Nobody there.

Come on grandma. Finally in broad daylight nazi Germany.

Come to death again fluttering all aflutter.

That’s great gerandma but sex that big shouldn’t stop.

Face it. Hard weak gangbusters sex had you looking pretty dim.

American flowering unfortunately.

Hugs and kisses to all except Sacagawea.

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