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     Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well this is really more of a thought exercise than anything else. I'd like someone (not me) to stage it someday though. Silly to have a photo for this, but I like providing markers for you when you're scrolling, so here is a still from a video (shot by Margaret Tedesco I think) of my "Shallow Grave" performance at The Lab on September 20th, 2000.


Lights up
Full on the face
Thinking naked
Thinking naked, acting naked, wishing naked
Wishing naked
Sitting not naked
Wishing naked
An action of the hand
Full on the face
Acting not naked
The face
Thinking naked
Action of the hand
Repeat as necessary
Until sitting
Not naked
Acting as wishing
Thinking not necessary
Full on the face
Lights out

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